Series 3 – 11th 0f May WWOOFING

This time , there are so adorable creatures waiting for this week’s participants. Look at these little baby chicks. The host has just adopted 1,500 baby chicks.

They are born to be escaper, our previous participants fixed all the fences for baby chicks, but  they are so tiny that they can easily get out from their coops.

Does anyone know how to catch these troublemakers? please join us next 25th of May WWOOFING.



Usually, we divide participants into 2 groups. First group  is working in Beong su’s farm has more or less 48 chicken coops, and strawberry farm ( It’s occasional option, because strawberry cropping is seasonal, and has quite narrow pathways to walk through). What we are doing is quite simple.Collecting eggs is the main task, and making fertile layers for chickens. That is what exactly what we did last WWOOFING. Second group is working  in seockyung’s farm has spinach and green onion. We are cropping, and weeding there. After lunch , we often switch these 2 groups to make participant experience 2 different kinds working.


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That is what we do before lunch time, we all think taking food slowly is also important

as much as workig hard . The host always offers really healthy balanced, and delicious food.

you’ll love it if you try them. Below is today’s menu

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We treat ourself during lunchtime, and it boosts us up. Let’s get back to work.

What we have to do is delivering a stack of fertilizer to each chicken’s coops.

It is timetaking, and needs delicated caring, but we are all happy when chickens are satifsfied with their new fertilizer.

IMG_5143 IMG_5144


we sweat a lot, we smell of fertilizer, and we get our hands dirty.

we work for chickens crops, and nature, but we feel ourself getting decent by working for nature.

After work, the host offers 파전 and 막걸리 (Korean pizza & rice wine) for those who want to stay more. we can have more chats , and get to know each other more.

IMG_5145 IMG_5151

we are wating for you, next participants. Please sign up next wwoofing 25th of May, and 8th of June.