Q: Who is hosting this event and why is it taking place?
A: The Farm Camp event itself is hosted by both WWOOF and Slow Food as a joint project to bring together like-minded people from diverse backgrounds – an interest in organic farming. While Farm Camp is all about having fun, at the core of this event is a passion for healthy, local organic food.

Q:What will I need to bring?

  • Eating utensils, a Lock&Lock-style lunchbox (dosirak box) and a cup
  • Sleeping bag or a blanket
  • Shoes suitable for work and comfortable shoes for play
  • An extra change of clothes and socks
  • A towel
  • Rain gear, just in case (the event will take place even with light rain)

You are free to bring anything else you may find useful for a night camping out, e.g. an acoustic guitar, a flashlight, a sleeping mat and/or bongo-drums!

Q: How much does the event cost? What does the cost include?
–  ₩30,000 (thirty-thousand Won) for non-WWOOF members.
–  ₩20,000 (twenty-thousand Won) for WWOOF members.
This price includes all meals and drinks between 11:00 AM August 24th and 3:00 PM August 25th.
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Q: What is the environment like on the farm?
A: This is a farm that mainly produces chicken eggs and vegetables for self-support.
Note that this is a camp where everyone can embrace and enjoy the inconvenience!

There is an eco-toilet.
There is limited shower space.
Everybody sleeps on the ground with big tent!
For those who feel very uncomfortable with sleeping outside, there are some beds inside the container houses.

Q: How will I get back to Seoul? And when can I expect to be back in Seoul?
A: You can take the Central Line (Jungang Seon) back to Seoul from Yangsu Station after the trek and lunch around DeumulMeori.
<DeumulMeori to Yansu Station>

It takes about one-hour to get to Seoul from Namyangju, so you can expect to be back in Seoul an hour after you board the subway.

Q: How many people will be participating?
A: There will be approximately forty attendees and ten volunteer supporters along with the host farmer.

Q: What kind of work can I expect and how difficult will it be? Will I need prior experience or knowledge?
A: This event is more about bonding and enjoying each other’s company and so while there is work involved, none of it is extremely taxing. All of the tasks are basic and simple – there is no prior experience or knowledge needed.

Q: I would like to work on a specific project (e.g. building compost systems), can I choose what project to work on?
A: You can pick the specific project you would like to spend time working on, but it is a first-come-first-serve basis.

Q: Will there be special meals for vegetarians and/or vegans?
A: There will be meals specifically prepared for vegetarians and vegans but you must note your dietary choices when you submit your application form.

Q: Will there be alcohol?
A: Yes, alcohol will be provided but drinking is not necessary.

If any questions have not been addressed in the FAQ, please email your questions to wwoofkorea4@gmail.com