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Till when should I apply to participate?

There’s no clear deadline, but we basically take on a first-come-first served basis.

How to pay participation fee?
Pay to the supporter (group leader) on your arrival.

What to bring?

Shoes or long boots you feel comfortable with when you work on a farm.
If you have long boots, that’s the best because the land can be muddy when and after the ran. Trekking shoes are also good.
You know it’s hard to work on a farm without gloves, don’t you?
Cap or hat
It can be tough when it’s very sunny without cap or hat.
Clothes that can get dirty
… plus clothes you want to wear after getting dirty on your way home.

What if you want to wash your face or foot before eating lunch?
You possibly work in pretty dusty environment.
Chicken farm is included.
It’s very comfortable when you wash your foot.
You wanna change socks if they get wet or dirty when you go home, don’t you?
Rain gear
You don’t want to get drenched when it rains, do you?
Check the weather report.

What if it rains?
Group WWOOF takes place in light rain.
If the weather is very bad, hosts will see and judge, and group supporter will contact you.

How long does it take to Namyangju from Seoul?

It takes about an hour. For example, when you take train at Seoul Sta.,

7:37 – Seoul Sta. Line No.1
7:59 – Hoegi Sta. (transfer)
8:09 – Hoegi Sta. Chunggang Line
8:53 – Ungilsan Sta.

▶ See “WHERE” in ABOUT page

What time will I be able to come back to Seoul?
..Maybe by around 19:30.
Time schedule is quite changeable depending on the situation.
Please be flexible on the day you join this.

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