From 2012’s Group WWOOF

<Daniel – UK>
I’ve taken part in group WWOOFing 3 or 4 times and, aside from the farm you visit, it’s a great way to mix and meet other nationalities and Koreans. The best way to experience the life of Koreans and escape from the city for a day or two!

<Ana – USA>
I have done a few Group WWOOFs in Korea.
I felt like we got a real taste of Korean farming – harvesting huge piles of soybeans with a simple thresher and slinging cabbage the size and weight of a small child! Our hosts fed us delicious lunch, sweet potatoes, persimmon and radish and carrots straight from the ground. We enjoyed the sunny fall weather and each other’s company as we worked in the soil. The host is committed to preserving natural ways of farming and I found it to be a lively, productive yet peaceful place.

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<Claire – HongKong>
I gained many things from this WWOOF Korea trip, from the host family and wwoofers. Their life experience, values and lifestyle inspire me. I should think more, try more and feel more when I do anything. Moreover, I find the other sides of Korea too. Korean is not only like trendy and new cultures. On the other sides, they appreciate and pride on their tradition cultures, preserve their nature and share their cultures to foreigners. I am glad that I chose WWOOF to travel; this is a type of unique, safe, cheap and meaningful travel.


<Ben – USA>
Yesterday we dressed scarecrows and taught kids how to harvest rice. (It’s faster by machine.) On my way back to take a nap, 3 old men in a musty garage stopped me. They were yelling at me in Korean. One man pushed me into a chair and proceeded to feed me the ripest, sweetest persimmon I’ve ever had. I was released after being fed 2 more persimmon. The people are friendly, the Makoli goes dawn easily, and the persimmon delicious. Eat’em when they’re ripe. The mushy ones are the best!

<Kota – Japan>
Three hours bus ride took me to a completely different place from big, busy city Seoul. Being in nature, we worked on tea paddy pick up tea seeds, went in mountain harvest mushroom, and listened to monk’s talk with tea in our hand. It was really another world, but surely the world people used to live in long time ago. This experience simply reminded me that I wanted live with nature.

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