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Have you ever wondered where the food on your plate comes from? Luckily for you, WWOOF and Slow Food Korea have partnered up to bring you right to the origins of your lunch! Mark your calendar on August 24-25th for the first, but not the last, Farm Camp. Grab a hold of this unique opportunity to join others from a diverse background but with the same interest in organic farming and get your hands dirty!

– A joint project between WWOOF and Slow Food Korea.
– Those who are interested in food and getting your hands dirty are more than welcome to join!
IMG_6130– The host farmer is Byungsoo Kim, who runs organic chicken and strawberry farm. Since he became a farmer, he has been involved in various activities to build fair systems for local farmers. In 2000, he started his journey to see and study communities around the world  for two and half years. During this experience, he was first introduced to Slow Food and WWOOF. Recently he has been devoting himself to bridge people through Slow Food not only in Korea but all over Asia and Oceania.

– A full hands-on experience on an organic farm.
– An opportunity to meet like-minded people and have a fun night
– This is also pre-event of AsiO Gusto, the Asia Oceania Slow Food International Festival

11:00 AM August 24th ~ 3:00 PM August 25th

– Gathering:
The group will meet at Ungilsan station, approximately one hour away from Seoul.
– Camp:
The event will take place on Hansol Farm in Namyangju city, Gyeongi-do.
<Location of Ungilsan Station>

●Participation fee
– 30,000 Won for non-WWOOF members
– 20,000 Won for WWOOF Korea members
Become a WWOOFer

●Location and Directions:
Take the Central Line (Jungang Seon) Ungilsan Station, approximately an hour away from Seoul. All participants will be meeting outside of the main entrance of the station at 11:00 AM.
▼Click the picture to see larger map▼

August 24 (SAT)
11:00am Meet up at Ungilsan Station.
Walk to the farm with your group members. (It takes about 30 minutes.)
12:00pm Lunch at the farm.
1:00pm   Orientation
2:00pm   Work on projects in each group.
5:00pm   Water play at river pool.
6:00pm    Dinner at the farm.
9:00pm   Camp fire, games and activities.

August 25(SUN)
8:00am   Meditation
9:00am   Breakfast, prepare lunch
11:00am Walk along North Han River
12:30pm Lunch at Lotus Park
2:00pm   Recreation time
3:00pm   Depart

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スクリーンショット(2013-08-06 19.04.28)


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